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Condensates Treatment

Natural gas processing plants produce Gas Liquids (C2+) referred to as Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) that require treatment before being sold. NGLs can either be fractionated or sent to the refinery for further processing. Fractionation, which is the most frequent route, leads to the production of ethane, LPG and naphtha. Ethane and naphtha are destined mainly for the petrochemical sector while LPG is for residential consumption.

Field condensates are stable liquids (C5+) that require special treatment in conventional refineries or distillation in dedicated condensate splitters.

For both NGLs and field condensates Axens Solutions provides technologies along with adsorbents and catalysts to produce purified streams that meet specifications for further processing or marketing:

  • RAM process and AxTrapTM trapping materials (non-regenerable absorbents) for mercury removal
  • Axens Solutions Sulfrex and Sweetening processes eliminate mercaptans by extraction or by their conversion A wide range of axsorbTM alumina adsorbents and molecular sieves with optimized formulations for drying and purification