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Definition of: AxSorb

The AxSorb product line comprises activated aluminas and molecular sieves for drying and purifying a wide variety of gas and liquid streams for virtually every type of adsorbent application in the refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and gas processing industries. AxSorb products are supported by a solid technical knowledge base and a leading position in the field of adsorption.

   Experience: over 60 years of know-how in manufacturing and licensing. Our products are designed to respond to almost every sorption need in the hydrocarbon business.

    Innovation: product development programs profit significantly from synergy with our process design activities. Our intimate knowledge of process and utilities constraints focus the development of our new products and the improvement of existing sorbents to better meet your needs.

   Service: full-range technical service packages include operator training, unit start-up assistance, unit follow-up, optimization and troubleshooting are systematically proposed. This guarantees safe and continuous operations of your units.

   Quality: our ISO certified manufacturing facilities (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) produce high-quality adsorbents ensured by a stringent quality control system.

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