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ActiGuard® is a range of Brockville plant (Canada) activated alumina based products, with useful deshydrating, adsorptive and catalytic contaminant removal properties. They are employed across a broad spectrum of applications and industries:   Dessicant & Dehydration   ...



A subtance which has the ability of condensing or holding other substances on its surface. Active carbon, activated alumina, and silica gel are examples


Advanced Pygas Upgrading

Catalytic process technology developed by SK and exclusively offered by Axens to convert pygas to a superior olefin feed (LPG) and BTX aromatics.



Hydrocarbons derived from petroleum, characterized by a ring-like molecular structure and 'sweet' or aromatic odor. Benzene, tolune, and xylene are the most common aromatics, and are used as chemical feedstocks, solvents, and as additives to gasoline to raise its octane rating.



Aromizing is Axens’ continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) reforming process expressly designed for aromatics productions.



The AxSorb product line comprises activated aluminas and molecular sieves for drying and purifying a wide variety of gas and liquid streams for virtually every type of adsorbent application in the refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and gas processing industries. AxSorb products are supported by a s...